Owl Guy, a retro comic book superhero, is suddenly introduced to his rebooted counterpart.

Sagar Arun
Everyone seems to have some profound reason/background for pursuing animation, but I didn’t know I liked it until I did it! My mindset a year before going to college was, “Hey I like drawing, and I like animated movies……huh, maybe I’ll be an animator?” As soon as I did my first ball bounce, I was totally obsessed. I couldn’t believe that I made a ball….bounce! As simple as it seemed, I felt like a higher being imbuing life into a puppet, and that’s how I’ve felt every time I’ve animated since then, whether it’s a super tough shot, or even an easy sequence. From then on, I’ve dived into the deep end of animation, framing through every animation I could find, and applying it to gain new skills. I’m super excited to jump headfirst into the industry, further my learning, and share my passion with other amazing artists!

Rachel Kral
Growing up in a small town in Michigan where there wasn’t much to do, I spent most my time convincing my friends and little sister to make short films with me. When I wasn’t outside trying to become the next 12-year-old Spielberg, I enjoyed running around the house drawing dogs on every piece of paper I could find or creating cringey animations in MS Paint. At a young age, I had convinced myself that I was destined to be a cinematographer, as I obsessed over the way you could create a mood simply through camera angles and lighting. It wasn’t until I began visiting colleges for feature film that I realized my passions aligned more with feature animation, combining my love for drawing and character creation with my love for camera shots and editing. The animation genre is unlike any other and I’m so thankful to have joined this field. Now, as I enter the industry as a storyboard artist, every day is exciting and filled with new things. I hope to tell stories that audiences love just as much as I do.


2018 NBR Student Grant


Type of Project

Animated Narrativetion




Ringling College of Art + Design

Producers, Writers & Editors

Sagar Arun and Rachel Kral