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A museum guard is on night patrol when he finds that someone has been censoring the museum’s nude artwork. He goes to find who has been defacing all the artwork, only to find that the culprit is a tiny mysterious nun.

Isabela Littger de Pinho was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She chose computer animation as a career because it encompassed most of her passions: music, drawing, storytelling and theatre. With great support from her family, she had the amazing oportunity to attend Ringling College of Art and Deisgn, where she learned how to improve most of her artistic skills. After graduating with honors, she is now currently working as a story artist in Brazil.

Anna Hinds Paddock grew up in Northern Michigan with very encouraging parents that raised two artists. Growing up she has always had a passion for animation, but didn’t think about it as a career till senior year of High School. Anna then went Ringling College of Art and Design to pursue a degree in Computer Animation. Now graduated with honors she looks forward to a bright future with her art.

Kriti Kaur was born and raised in New Delhi, India where she was trained to be an engineer. At the age of 18, she left her country to pursue her dream of learning animation, and to explore Singapore. At 19, she came to the USA to continue her education in the field of Computer Animation at the Ringling College of Art and Design. Currently, as a graduate, she has a fellowship with the Huffington Post where she is discovering ways to make information more accessible using her skills in animation.


2015 NBR Student Grant


Type of Project

Comedy, Animation




Ringling College of Art + Design

Producers, Writers, Editors, Cinematographers

Anna Hinds Paddock
Isabela Littger
Kriti Kaur


Anna Hinds Paddock: annapadd [at]
Isabela Littger de Pinho: littgeri [at]
Kriti Kaur: kkaur [at]