HANSU SOLO from kprsii on Vimeo.

In 2006, Hansu Siirala suffered two major strokes that left one half of her body immobile. She now lives in an assisted living home in Vancouver, Canada. Combining a phone conversation with abstract and animated visuals, Hansu Solo is an intimate portrait about how she spends her days and thinks about the passing of time.

This film brings together our interest in small details and the big questions we all think about. Drawing on Emily’s experience in traditional animation and Kaija’s background in editing and sound design, we crafted a visual response to a recorded phone conversation between Kaija and her aunt, Hansu. Playing off the rhythms of Hansu’s cadences, the resulting imagery oscillates between the minutiae of the real and the abstract. This portrait reveals her humor, reflective intelligence and contagious curiosity for life.



2015 NBR Student Grant


Type of Project

Documentary Short




Hunter College


Emily Collins
Kaija Siirala


Kaija Siirala


Emily Collins
Kaija Siirala


Emily Collins: emrcollins [at] gmail.com
Kaija Siirala: kaijasii [at] gmail.com