Place of Spirit from Natalie Conn on Vimeo.

A Place of Spirit tells the story of Andrea Phillips, a Staten Island based artist who faces eviction from her home after 44 years. Rather then center itself around the policy issues associated with Andrea’s eviction, A Place of Spirit focuses on Andrea’s emotional and spiritual relationship to her home.

Jay Weichun

My work focuses on various aspects of spatial relations. In Places of Spirit, I was interested in illustrating Ms.Phillips unique relationship to her home. In doing so, Ms.Phillips raised some intriguing questions; Do buildings have a consciousness, and if so, how do we relate to them? For me, these questions made me think about the deep personal impact of displacement, particularly on under-served populations.


Natalie Conn

Natalie Conn is an MFA candidate at Hunter College’s Integrated Media Arts Program. She received her BFA from Cooper Union in 2001. She works as a freelance multi-media producer.


2013 NBR Student Grant


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Hunter College


Natalie Conn, Jay Weichun


Jay Weichun


Natalie Conn