A carefree rain god and his loyal companion, a dragon who wished to be human, have their peaceful morning interrupted by a blazing phoenix

Caroline Ho is a Chinese American animator from the Bay Area currently studying in New York. As a fan of East Asian web novels, this film takes heavy inspiration from a certain type of Chinese fantasy that has driven their artistic passion for several years.

“When I first began creating and pitching this project I always had a lot of worries about how a story very familiar to anyone who grew up with Chinese dramas would be received by a more Western audience. There were barriers I needed to cross to ensure my intent was properly understood while also hoping that this sort of story wouldn’t be ‘cringe’ when made by a Chinese American. Surely a majority of people who view this film will be unable to grasp the entirety of what is happening, but they can still indulge in the wonderful visuals and feel a sense of tension.”


2023 NBR Student Grant


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New York University


Yimeng Wang


Caroline Ho


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