Boundless Imagination (2023) Trailer from Tzu Yu on Vimeo.

A boy named Simon was immersed in his imaginary world with his self-made toys when he should study and then was caught by his mother.

Tzu-Yu Petter Lin, born in Taichung City, Taiwan, is a professional filmmaker based in New York City who has worked on many film projects with various roles like VFX compositor, editor, and director.

Finding his true passion for storytelling in high school, Petter decided to chase his dream as a director in college, where he met 3D animation, a fascinating art form that opened up a new world.

Desire to know more, he applied for a VFX and Digital Animation program at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema after graduating and working as a photographer in Taiwan for two years. Hoping to not only learn the craft of CG art but also be able to combine the cinema language and storytelling technic he learned, and he loves to continue creating fantastic stories with his boundless imagination for now and future audiences.


2023 NBR Student Grant


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Brooklyn College

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Camera Animator

Tzu-Yu Petter Lin