COSMIC WAVES from Yayoi K on Vimeo.

An intricate look into the spiritual and musically adept view of Takuya Nakamura, with first-hand access to emotionally moving and intimate performances, including one coupled with an invitation to experience from the comfort of his home.

Born and raised in Japan, Yayoi is a filmmaker and video editor who began doing things differently in her own way from a young age. Her curiosity and open-mindedness led her to various locations around the world, where she eventually chose to settle in New York City to study within its cornucopia of culture and diversity.

Living in New York, Yayoi’s work as a music journalist led her to discover her love of storytelling and laid the foundation for her pursuit of study within film. Her ability to draw the audience entirely into the subject matter using cinema language is a testament to her intuition and creativity as an artist.

Yayoi graduated in June, 2023 with a dual concentration of Video Editing and Motion Graphics Design – with a focus on nonfiction film within the CUNY Baccalaureate program – wherein she was able to create a customized and detailed curriculum with an objective towards the elements of film, post-production, and design in which held her passion.


2023 NBR Student Grant


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Brooklyn College

Producer, Editor

Yayoi Kawahito


Jonathan Lopez