Language Lessons – Q&A with Natalie Morales and Mark Duplass

You both had so many roles in making this film. How did you two connect to make this film during Covid?
Mark Duplass: Natalie and I were acquaintances; friends of friends who had met a few times and I think we had the sense that we respected each other’s work and we had hit it off and liked each other. I knew I wanted to work with her and ideally share the screen with her at some point, and we hadn’t really had that opportunity.

The Lost Leonardo – Q&A with Andreas Koefoed

get involved?
Andreas Koefoed: A producer friend of mine got in touch and told me about this incredible story. He was in touch with this British art critic—Ben Lewis—that was writing a book about the whole affair.

John and the Hole – Q&A with Pascual Sisto

Can you discuss the way the film begins, and ends, with a family dinner scene?

Pascual Sisto: I think they are two very important scenes, but I will first say that, as a point of interest, they were shot on the same day because of practical reasons.