The Phantom of the Open – Q&A with Craig Roberts and Simon Farnaby

Simon, this is an incredible true story. How did you come to write the script?
Simon Farnaby: I was brought up around golf—my father was a greenskeeper at a little club in northeast England. Golf’s a game I love, but I came at it like Maurice [Flitcroft], from a lower-class angle.

Hatching – Q&A with Hanna Bergholm

How did this project start, and how did you come to the story?

Hanna Bergholm: It started when the screenwriter Ilja Rautsi contacted me, and he told me he had this one sentence idea in his head: A boy hatches an evil doppelgänger out of an egg.

Happening – Q&A with Audrey Diwan

The way you build tension throughout the film is incredible. How did you approach that?
n a very organic way, it’s a girl against time. Suspense comes naturally from that premise, by using the DNA of the true story.

The Innocents – Q&A with Eskil Vogt

This is a very adult film about children and childhood. What were your inspirations for the story?
Eskil Vogt: I think I never would have made this movie if I hadn’t become a parent.

The Bad Guys – Q&A with Pierre Perifel, Luc Desmarchelier and Marc Maron

In a narrative film, a character might have some piece of wardrobe or a prop that helps them inform the character. How did you work together to develop the voice of Snake?
Marc Maron: When we first got there, they showed me the sketches for the character but I think they were still trying to figure out how to get him to move.