To Leslie – Q&A with Michael Morris, Andrea Riseborough, Marc Maron, and Andre Royo

Michael, how did the script find its way to you?
It came to me through Arlie [Day], our producer and casting director. What I like to think she saw it in for me was that the great subject of the film was empathy. It’s about how to look at other people’s lives and experiences uncolored by any sense of judgment.

Moonage Daydream – Q&A with Brett Morgen

This film was created with something of a new genre in mind: the “IMAX music experience.” Can you talk about that decision?
Brett Morgen: I have been doing biographical documentaries for the past twenty years. And when I finished Montage of Heck, I just… kind of feel like, for music documentaries… I love these speakers [gesturing around the theater]. I don’t think facts need to be delivered through these speakers!

Bodies Bodies Bodies – Q&A with Halina Reijn

The following questions and answers are excerpted from a conversation that followed the NBR screening of Bodies Bodies Bodies. How did your experience in the industry as an actress influence your approach to this film? Halina Reijn: Yeah, I used to be an actress, mostly on stage. I was in a theater company and lived in […]