Body Parts – Q&A with Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and Helen Hood Scheer

How did you two come to work on this project together?
We started working on what we thought would be a triptych, looking at sex, birth, and death on screen from a women’s perspective. We started the one about sex and it was an avalanche of ideas and people and different actors that we wanted to speak with, and that’s really where it began.

Living – Q&A with Oliver Hermanus, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Bill Nighy

Can you talk about genesis of the film?
Kazuo Ishiguro: I can tell you about the origin story of this film, before the real work started. I can take credit for having the original idea, because it was kind of an obsession of mine for years. It was partly because I was a Japanese kid growing up in England and I was always very interested in any Japanese film that was shown in England.

Nothing Compares – Q&A with Kathryn Ferguson

This is a somewhat personal film for you— and it’s your first feature. Can you discuss how you came to make this film?
Kathryn Ferguson: I grew up in Northern Ireland. My father, actually, was a huge fan of Sinéad’s in the late ’80’s, when The Lion and The Cobra came out