Palm Trees and Power Lines – Q&A with Jamie Dack, Leah Chen Baker, and Jonathan Tucker

Was there an importance to telling this story at this particular time?Jamie Dack: I was writing this script at a certain time in my life where I was starting to look back on some relationships I had when I was younger—one in particular. I think due to my age, and time passing, I had started to look back on it differently.

All Quiet on the Western Front – Q&A with Edward Berger

Your DP said that his collaboration with you is one of the most unique he’s had with a director.
Edward Berger: We’re both obsessed with precision and architecture in the film. It’s not haphazard and we don’t try to find the shot on set. It gives me true pleasure to set up a shot and in that shot, have every department create the illusion that this is reality.

Sr. – Q&A with Chris Smith

Is it correct that you had a very small crew, during production? Was that always the plan?
Chris Smith: When we first went out to Robert Downey Jr.’s house in the Hamptons, he said that we couldn’t bring a crew. Which I only found out two days beforehand.

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed – Q&A with Laura Poitras

The following questions and answers are excerpted from a conversation that followed the NBR screening of All the Beauty and the Bloodshed. You really weave so many stories together so beautifully in the film. How did you and Nan weave in and out of each other’s lives? Laura Poitras: Nan and I have intersected, sometimes literally […]