Frankie – Q&A with Ira Sachs and Isabelle Huppert

You are such a quintessential New York Filmmaker, Mr. Sachs, but now you’ve made this film set in Portugal. I was wondering how the story came to you and how you worked with your writing partner, Mauricio Zacharia, to develop this film?
Ira Sachs: Probably around fifteen years ago, I saw a film by Satyajit Ray, the Indian master Filmmaker, called Kanchenjungha. It’s about a family on a vacation in the Himalayan mountains, and it takes place in one day.

The Irishman – Q&A with Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino

This film has a different editorial pace and perspective than you usually portray in your films. Would you be able to talk about your approach with these older men in the film?
Martin Scorsese: This is not a film we could have created or made as effectively if we had tried to make it ten years ago.

Ad Astra – Q&A with James Gray

Your film is set in the near future, which makes sense given that there are currently plans being formed to transport humans to Mars. What did you learn in your research about such efforts?James Gray: I’m a little skeptical that they’d make it, but that is their dream. Mars can be either 80 or 160 […]

Hustlers – Q&A with Lorene Scafaria

This film is very inclusive and focused on women. Were you aiming to make a film about female empowerment? What was your concept about the story, initially?
I like the idea of making something that people can take away from it whatever they want.