Hatching – Q&A with Hanna Bergholm

How did this project start, and how did you come to the story?

Hanna Bergholm: It started when the screenwriter Ilja Rautsi contacted me, and he told me he had this one sentence idea in his head: A boy hatches an evil doppelgänger out of an egg.

Happening – Q&A with Audrey Diwan

The way you build tension throughout the film is incredible. How did you approach that?
n a very organic way, it’s a girl against time. Suspense comes naturally from that premise, by using the DNA of the true story.

The Innocents – Q&A with Eskil Vogt

This is a very adult film about children and childhood. What were your inspirations for the story?
Eskil Vogt: I think I never would have made this movie if I hadn’t become a parent.

The Bad Guys – Q&A with Pierre Perifel, Luc Desmarchelier and Marc Maron

In a narrative film, a character might have some piece of wardrobe or a prop that helps them inform the character. How did you work together to develop the voice of Snake?
Marc Maron: When we first got there, they showed me the sketches for the character but I think they were still trying to figure out how to get him to move.

¡Viva Maestro! – Q&A with Ted Braun

What was your original artistic challenge when you were approached with this project? A profile of one person is quite different than your previous work.

Ted Braun: The previous films I’ve done, feature documentaries I’ve done (Betting on Zero, which looked at allegations of global economic criminality, and Darfur Now, which looked at allegations of massive, systemic violent crimes in Sudan) were, in different ways, ensemble stories about people trying to expose wrongdoing.