Kajillionaire – Q&A with Miranda July

Can you talk about your scriptwriting and research process?
Writing can come with all sorts of weird blocks, so part of it for me is outsmarting those blocks

Wolfwalkers – Q&A with Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart

It is obvious from the first frame that a tremendous amount of work went into this film, even by the high standards of feature animation. Can you discuss the seven year process?
Tomm Moore: The story development went hand in hand with the art development.

Dick Johnson is Dead – Q&A with Kirsten Johnson

Sometimes as a documentarian, you don’t have total control. But it this film you were able to script things and envision scenarios.
Kirsten Johnson: Honestly I was trying to engage in not being in control.

The Forty-Year-Old Version – Q&A with Radha Blank

How did you balance wearing three hats as the writer, director, and lead actor at the same time?
The two people that were present on the set were the director and the actor.