The Killing of Two Lovers – Q&A with Robert Machoian and Clayne Crawford

Can you discuss your inspiration for writing this story?
Robert Machoian: It was really motivated, to some degree, my own life in the sense that I’ve been married for quite a while, and I have children, and coming to this period in life where many friends of ours were starting to separate.

The Paper Tigers – Q&A with Quoc Bao Tran and Yuji Okumoto

The following questions and answers are excerpted from a conversation that followed the NBR screening of The Paper Tigers. This film is a heartfelt look at the Kung Fu genre as well as a story about growing up and fatherhood in various forms. What was the catalyst for the story? Bao Tran: I survived a death […]

The Courier – Q&A with Dominic Cooke

What was your approach to developing the look of the film?
Dominic Cook: The early ’60’s — especially in the UK — you might as well have been in the Edwardian era.

Together Together – Q&A with Nikole Beckwith

Films like this are so clearly made with love and rely on character. What inspired you to tell this story in the form of a feature film?
Nikole Beckwith: In terms of what inspired the story, it was just curiosity.

Moffie – Q&A with Oliver Hermanus

What was your experience working with the author of the memoir on which the film is based?
Oliver Hermanus: The first thing I did, when I was certain I would tackle it, was I met with [author Andre Carl van der Merwe] a few times.